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Alan Walker: Lily Meaning


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Lily Lyrics

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Lily was a little girl
Afraid of the big, wide world
She grew up within her castle walls
Now and then she tried to run
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
So afraid, all alone

They warned her, don't go...


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    Apr 30th, 4:03am report

    when i first heard this song, i always thought this was literally a fantasy story. so here goes!

    there’s a princess named Lily who was always kept away from the outside world as the people in her community always told her that the world was very bad. since she was told of this from a very young age, Lily was afraid of the world she never knew of. but she was a really curious girl and although afraid, she tried running away but always came back running home because of her fear. then one day, she came back out and ran for good from home and suddenly realized she was lost in the woods. she became afraid and alone. then, the “creature” (which i always thought was some sort of spirit or entity) came to her and promised her that she’ll be okay if she lets them “in”, meaning that she has to trust them.

    in the end she does and for a while she managed to survive the “outside world” with this entity or spirit guiding to wherever she wanted. the second verse (which was a little intense) was about Lily running into trouble with another spirit (a bad one). then before she went into deeper trouble, the good entity that wanted to help her came and save her, leading her to a safer place, opposing to the return of the reff.

    so basically, the rest of the song is more or less like a reprise between Lily and this “creature”.


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    Mar 17th, 3:01pm report

    I believe it is a bout a girl, lily of course, who had a certain dream to do something. She is warned not to go overboard and be careful for what she wishes for, therefore the lyrics "They warned her, don't go there". But Lily decides to not listen. Then she meets a person, or in the song a 'creature'. They come up to her and offers her a deal that he, or she, will help her achieve her dream. But she must exchange something such as her life, hence the lyrics "just let me in". She accepts the deal only realizing after that she made a terrible choice, not aware of how to escape, she goes out yelling "is there somebody out there?" and "please help me" to try to make the public aware of her captivity. But I believe that this doesn't work and she is eventually captured again.

    Once again, just a theory


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    Jun 1st, 6:47am report

    This is the ACTUAL interpretation, Its about lily, and an abusive man she starts dating. He promises her life will be great with them, he’ll give her the safe and successful life she’s always dreamed off. People notice it before she does and they try to warn her but she doesn’t listen. Then the abuse grows to physical stuff and she “wakes again” and realizes she needs to get TF outta there. But as we all know its really hard to just bounce out, she tries to get people to help but no one will listen. Even though she tries to leave he keeps convincing her to stay and she does. And the cycle goes on, song is about a girl who cant get out of an abusive relationship


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    Yesterday, 10:20 report

    This song is about alternate universe where princess Jasmine, instead of meeting aladdin on the day she sneak out, she met disguised JAFAR. And he is a pedopile, who then locked her up


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    Jul 16th, 20:57 report

    The ancient word"Lilith" derives from a Sumerian word for female demons or wind spirit- the lilītu and the related ardat lilî.(just research the other facts abouts who is Lily) in my opinion the song Lily is an Illuminati song convincing us to be used or be possessed by them."everything you been wanting gonna be the magical story you've been told
    And you'll be safe under my control
    Just let me in, ooh" and in return it promised you to give everything you dreamed of or desired just let them control you.well, that's how I understand the song.but I love Alan Walker's songs.no hate guys just love.


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    Jul 16th, 09:34 report

    Lily, the young princess never knew the world. But she always wanted to escape, (now and then she tried to run) and one day, she ran away. At night of that same day, she wanted to go back, and a boy her age 12-13ish (the creature)trapped her and told her: I will let you out if you promise to let me in (I’ll let you go, but you’ll have to let me into the castle, meaning I’ll be your prince...) She accepts, only to realize that was a terrible decision....


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    Jul 11th, 7:25pm report

    I believe Lily is a girl who is afraid and never knew what the world was like. When she went to the woods she met someone (opposite self) who was like her but dangerous. Because Lily had no friends she trusted her opposite. Many times her opposite manipulated her, soon her opposite hurt her and that's (i believe) why she tried to run, but every time she tried her opposite kept her from leaving. As time passed she stopped running and "let in" her opposite who i'm guessing once she was let in, she promised she would take Lily anywhere as a reward. -P.S- This is my interpretation.


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    Jul 10th, 7:47am report

    "Let me in, let me in", said the lollipop. Mummy said, don't eat too much, not good for you. But Lily wants to eat the lollipop, it's
    colourful like a magic unicorn rainbow dash. After she ate too many lollipop, she got stomachache and toothache. So, she screams, "Help me!". The creeping one is the germs because she eats the lollipop with dirty hands.


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    Jul 6th, 7:08pm report

    Lily was a little girl who was curious of the world, so she went without telling anyone because she thought,”if I tell mom she won’t let me” she ran into a frozen forest .Then a person who was there told her to follow him, the girl didn’t trust him so he needed gained her trust....It has been a few months and he has gained all her trust. So he asked for her to follow him again and she agreed.When they arrived the guy gave her a glass of water with a potion.The girl didn’t notice the slight difference of the glass.She drank the glass of water and the next day when she was walking she was walking in the frozen forest and slipped on the ice so hard it shattered.Then she realized what she has done and how the guy was trying to hippnotised her.She ran and ran but the potion worked at that moment.Now lily is doing the same thing to the other people who wander in the forest...


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    Jul 1st, 7:21pm report

    this may be boring but i don't care so hear it gos... lily is a little girl in a rich family and she was WAY over protected + see hated it so... see ran away to a bad place but she did not know. she met a bad man and thinks at the time that everyone is nice so she talks to him and believes every word that came from his mouth and flowed him later on she fines out that she was incorrect and did not know what to do...

    that's just my idea...


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    Jun 22nd, 6:33pm report

    It's i think it is about a girl and a demon


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    Jun 18th, 6:53am report

    Lily dies


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    Jun 16th, 6:23pm report

    I personally think it is about temptation. Everybody goes through it, I am a christian, and I know I go through it, but jews and atheists and every other religion or non religion goes through this too.


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    Jun 10th, 6:26pm report

    Lily is a virgin girl from a very respected family with manners and maybe religious. She’s been raised up in a protective environment while her needs are been answered (like a princess living in a castle).. but she’s deluded and decided to run away from her family to live her personal life and to chase after her dreams of independence .. she ran to an unknown world (like a mysterious forest).. then met a guy who wanted to take her virginity in exchange to fulfill her dreams.. eventually, she discovered that he is a wolf (or even worse) who wants to manipulate her and only cares about his own desires.. she tried to escape from him and go back to her family but it’s too late.


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    Jun 7th, 6:02am report

    It means what it means. A creature that wants to possess her. An evil spirit living in the woods. Why is everyone thinking so much. Now give me the votes and let me in


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    Jun 3rd, 6:47am report

    In my opinion it is about illuminati or something related to it because of its lyrics as "give you everything you've been dreaming of" or"just let me in" it means illuminati wants lily to become their member and then they would control her
    Idk it's just my opinion it can also mean that the dark creature is the world itself and all the fake and cruel people who are very deceitful and cunning they tries to manipulate and use you....


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    May 22nd, 5:13am report

    I'm not sure what I'm going to tell you guys, I know that not everyone agree with me. As you see, firstly this song talk about Lily. She's not a princess or something that royalty. She is us, must be weird but it just my guess. I'm Muslim so I believe this song talk about what will happen when this world will crushed. There's no faith in us anymore, we believe in anything that can make we safe. As you know there's lyric "she knew she was hypnotize", it show that us will goes for that creature only to safe. When Lily ask for help, that's mean we knew that what we should do but we lost hope and still believe in that creature. We knew that creature only tells lies but still lost in his story, trust him. It's not weird that we follow the creature cause there's hadis and al-Quran has showed everything. We knew it but still follow it. It's because only the real Muslim who will know that's a lie or not. This creature will give you everything you need but he will take you to hell. This creature will tell you guys that he is the god. There's a word on his forehead كافر.
    For my first thought I think it was about illuminati but I think there's a little bit about illuminati in this song.
    I'm sorry for others region. I'm not trying to be rude or what. It just my guess so sorry.


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    May 21st, 5:38am report

    To me it sounds like a girl struggling with an eating disorder.

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