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Cavetown: Devil Town Meaning


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Devil Town Lyrics

Life's alright in devil town
Yeah, right, no one's gonna catch us now
Dad has bought a new car now
We're fine, no one's gonna catch us now
You said something dumb again
She's mad, at least that's what they say
Mum and daddy aren't in...


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    Nov 21st 2020 report

    I think that this song is about two siblings that went through their parents divorce. They were very close and were always there for each other. One of them committed suicide or died for another reason. The other sibling is left on Earth and is talking to his/her deceased sibling. They are conversing about the after life and how the parents are doing. The sibling that’s still alive is having suicidal thoughts and wants to go to devil town with his sibling. Idk that’s what i think but the holocaust theory is interesting as well.


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    Aug 6th 2020 report

    I found this on youtube:
    Y'all realize that 'Devil Town' is kinda representative of a family coming apart and two children dying?
    Because of the song literally having lines of ''You said something dumb again, shes mad.'' Maybe its in the perspective of a child seeing a sibling (Or friend) being yelled at,
    Since the person obviously had a dysfunctional family, with the lines of "Mum and Daddy arent in love".
    The person had some issues because the line of "Ill lose my mind another thousand times" and the child had found comfort in the Sibling or friend because of the line of "I feel safer when I am with you." and "Hold my hand tight, We'll make it another night"
    And maybe the Sibling or friend committed suicide, and the Child also followed the sibling (Or friend) to hell (Hence the name "Devil Town").
    The line of "Falling doesn't feel so bad when I know you've fallen this way too." The child committed suicide because his Friend (Or sibling) left him/her alone.
    Together, they live in hell.
    And the lines to prove that they are in Hell (Devil Town) together are:
    "We're all DEAD in Devil Town"
    "That's fine, cause nothings gonna scare US now"
    "I forgot my name again, I think that's something worth remembering.." (They are forgetting who they are)
    "Spiders in your favorite shoes" (His/her shoes are left in the overworld, abandoned)
    and that's all.
    and if you made it this far, you truly deserve a cookie <3


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    May 23rd 2020 report

    This wasn't originally my idea but I saw it in the comments of a YouTube video and found it really interesting.
    The person thought this song was about the Holocaust.
    "We're all in our dressing gowns. Mine's white and stripy, your's is green and brown."
    Prisoners(Jews) would wear striped "pajamas" and the Nazi's uniforms were green and brown.
    "We're all dead in Devil town. That's fine, no one's gonna scare us now."
    With this idea in mind, this line doesn't really need an explanation.
    "Hold my hand tight, we'll make it another night."
    Two people or a person being hopeful of survival.
    "I forgot my name again. . . "
    People were referred to by numbers, not by their names. That might lead to people forgetting their names.
    "How do you feel so proud?"
    This line could be referring to someone question how Hitler and the Nazis were so proud of what they accomplished.

  4. anonymous
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    Jun 30th report

    I really related to this song so I wanted to tell my interpretation.
    I feel like this song is about a child who is struggling mentally in a "perfect family". I think devil town is something in their mind, I'm not sure what, but I'll elaborate why later.

    "You said something dumb again. She's mad, at least that's what they say. Mum and daddy aren't in love.That's fine, I'll settle for two birthdays", I think this means the child's parents are considering divorce, this is because it seems like they're still together but still arguing.

    "Devil town is colder in the summertime", this line may mean the more the child tries to act happy/warm, the more they start to feel emptier/colder.

    When the song references to the other person, I think they mean a person in the world in their head. Personally, the people in my head have genuinely helped me get through some times in my life, like an escape.

    "We're all dead in devil town. That's fine, 'cause nothing's gonna scare us now" may mean no one's real in devil town, it's all in the child's imagination. This would also mean the child has control over what's happening so they aren't scared anymore.

    "We're all in our dressing gowns, mine's white and stripey, yours is green and brown", I think this means the child feels caged, but they think their friend in his other world is free. I think this because white and stripey gowns sound a lot like how prison gowns look. Green and brown sound like earth/natural colours.

    "I forgot my name again. I think that's something worth remembering", the child may not use their real name in their other world, so they start to forget an important part of their identity. I think this because I've experienced this and I started to realize how the other world has took so much from the real me, yet I didn't regret any of it.

    "How do you feel so proud? Every time I close my eyes, the colours fade and change inside my mouth", I think this verse was directed to the child's parents feeling so proud for looking perfect in other's eyes while destroying their kid. The child is questioning that because their other world is starting to become a little to real (meaning, they've ruined them to the point to losing touch with reality.)

    Sorry if my wording is really repetitive, I just really wanted to put my input because this is my comfort song <3.

  5. anonymous
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    Jun 23rd report

    honestly, before reading these comments I thought the song was about two people being in LGBT+ community, "falling doesn't feel so bad when I know your falling this way too" I thought this part was about them both thinking LGBT is a sin so they both know they are falling into hell, but they're happy that they're falling together.

  6. anonymous
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    Jun 23rd report

    when I first heard this song all I could think of is my life. Let me elaborate. A child whos parents divorced at a young age but still remanined a happy child but as they grew up they realises life isnt all what it seems. When it says where all dead in devil town thats right cause nothings gonna scare us now that reminds me of suicide and suicidal thoughts the devil town is the place/emotion you feel when you are eg: self harming. And when it says nothings gonna scare us now it means that nothing can scare them anymore. The spiders in the shoes part also reminds me of how you always used to go outside in your favorite shoes and be happy but you have cut yourself off from the world and your shoes are now building up dust. And then the i forget my name again part just means that you have forgotten who you are and what you are even alive for.
    This song pretty much just gives me vibes of a teenager who is going through depression and anxiety and trauma but goes to devil town ofte to find happiness

  7. anonymous
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    Jun 9th report

    i think it's about sibilings who are abused by one of their parents and are both planning suicide.the suicide attept wouuld probaly be jumping off a roof

  8. anonymous
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    May 24th report

    I think it’s about a family who grew apart
    The parents getting a divorce and a child who is conflicted with what to do, the child may have come up with a coping mechanism such as talking to themselves as the line in the song “I feel a little safer when I’m with you” suggests the child has someone as there comfort, and maybe devil town is a place they made to deal with the stress that there under, they don’t fully understand why there mum and dad don’t love each other anymore, the child may also have short term memory loss as the line “I forgot my name again” suggests this, it may also suggest that the child is slowly losing themselves forgetting who they are, losing all sense of why there here...

    What do you think?

  9. anonymous
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    May 16th report


    i guess its about a child being affected by their parents divorce. The child has a close friend who has dealt with their parents divorce,"falling doesnt feel so bad when i know youve fallen this way to"could show this.

    other things ive noticed in the song is the line "devil town is colder in the summertime" ,to me this could mean that everything that normally seems happy and bright,has become dark.

    once again, another line that caught my eye is "how do you feel so proud" , this could indicate that the parents beleve that the child will get over the divorce quickly, but its not easy to get over it.

    one last thing i want to point out is the line "i forgot my name again" ,memory loss is one of the symptoms of depression, which is understandable considering everything that is going on.

  10. anonymous
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    May 5th report

    I personally interoperate this song as a family falling apart (a mom, dad and a 9/10 year old). I think that the child has an imaginary friend to cope with his family issues and 'Devil Town' is just a made up place they imagined, like when it say "Devil town gets colder in the summertime' that could mean they imagined devil town to be a cold place. Also when it says "I still get a little scared of something new" could mean they are so used to this imaginary world they made up to where they get scared and overwhelmed by the new world.

  11. anonymous
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    Jan 11th 2021 report

    Two siblings (One other then the other, perhaps )
    who are confused why their Mother & Father are not talking anymore. and my they must switch houses every week ("I'll settle for a two day birthday~") they are ALSO confused why they're mother and father don't love eachother ("Mum and Daddy arent in love~")

  12. anonymous
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    Dec 8th 2020 report

    Many people have said this, but it's about a family that's falling apart. At first, the child who id guess is around 10/11 because they know what's happening but don't know how hard it will be, hence the more optimistic tone for some things. The chorus describes how they are learning it's harder then they thought, the line "We're all dead" might describe a family member's death. They eventually can't handle it and commit suicide.

  13. anonymous
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    Oct 13th 2020 report

    I think that the "how do you feel so proud?" is about how the parents think they went through the divorce really well and think the kids will "get over it" and move on. And i feel like the singer is incredulous on how they've disregarded him and his siblings.

    I dunno that's just how I imagine it :P

  14. anonymous
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    Oct 1st 2020 report

    I saw it as a progression of someone's relationship with someone else as well as remembering what's going on in their life.
    Their parents are getting divorced "Dad has bought a new car now... Mum and Daddy aren't in love. That's fine, I'll settle for two birthdays."
    They then found someone to comfort and be with them and can help with their depression. "Hold my hand tight, we'll make it another night. I still get a little scared of something new. But I feel a little safer when I'm with you. Falling doesn't feel so bad when I know you've fallen this way too. We're all dead in devil town. That's fine, 'cause nothing's gonna scare us now."
    Time goes on and the person leaves or hurts them in the last parts of the song. "But every time I close my eyes. The sunshine gets a little dimmer, now. The clouds fall down
    I sink my teeth into my fingers. Blossom swims across the river. How do you feel so proud? Every time I close my eyes. The colours fade and change inside my mouth. It's all too loud"
    The song is them remembering everything that has happened leading up to this moment.
    They end up standing on a bridge watching the water near the end of the song.

  15. theoisntthriving
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    Sep 21st 2020 report

    TW for thoughts about suicide//Devil Town made me think of the aftermath of my parents seperating (for the second time). I had no sibling to face it with, no friends who understood what I was going through (screw all their perfect families haha). I had been shipped between my parent's houses from ages 3-10 and then my parents got back together. They split again when I was 12. "You said something dumb again" was my dad always saying my mom was ruining me and making me prissy and spoiled. Not a great thing for an 11 year old to be hearing. After they split, my mental health crashed. Last year, I thought about commiting at least once a week. And I realized I was gay and non-binary. I formed really bad habits. Devil Town represents hell which is where I'm told I'll go. Luckily, my friends were always there for me. They were there to listen and help me calm down. So they're the saviors for me.

  16. anonymous
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    Jul 8th 2020 report

    I think the song is about anxiety or depression. I think that there are references to the Holocaust becouse it is used as a metsphore to show what it's like if that makes sense. There is the divorce of parents which would of course bring all sorts of bad feelings such as depression or anxiety. The song is written in a way where it sounds like whoever is singing the song is talking to someone. Telling them things like the spiders are more scared of u. It is reassuring. Also in the chorus it says about the falling with a friend. This could Mena that they are both going through something together or they have all ended up in a bad place

  17. anonymous
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    Jun 19th 2020 report

    I think the song is about divorce and how the child singing (Cavetown) is sad and anxious and that he has a friend whose going through the same thing as him, “Falling doesn’t feel so bad when I know your falling with me too” or that line could mean that the boy is suicidal from this, and that he is going to “fall” (die) with his friend.

  18. anonymous
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    May 24th 2020 report

    Its about divorce or parents who arent together and anxiety.

    "Mom and daddy aren't in love, that's fine I'll settle for two birthdays" you have two birthdays because you have to see your parents on different days.

    "We're all in our dressing gowns" parents arguing at night

    "You said something dumb again, she's mad at least that's what they say"

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