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flora cash: You're Somebody Else Meaning


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Song Released: 2018

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You're Somebody Else Lyrics

I saw the part of you
That only when you're older you will see too
You will see too
I held the better cards
But every stroke of luck has got a bleed through
It's got a bleed through
You held the balance of the time
That only blindly I...


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    Jul 8th 2020 report

    I believe its about a friend watching someone go through depression, putting a fake face on and then seeing the real side when theyre alone. "Well you talk like yourself, No, I hear someone else though, now youre making me nervous" - I think this means a friend see the pain and just doent know how to help


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    Jul 19th 2019 report

    According to Cole and Shpresa, the main lyric in the song, you look like yourself but you're somebody else was "more a matter of one speaking to oneself than to another person." They went on to say, "sometimes when we’re dealing with psychological issues, we literally feel displaced internally; alien to ourselves. [The song] ended up taking on multiple meanings and perspectives but the root of it at the beginning was as a sort of self-talk, self-therapy."
    -from wikipedia


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    Nov 21st 2018 report

    I think this is a song about being confronted by a past version of yourself. The old version doesn't like what it sees he has become. The main lyrics are the current version speaking, the hook is the past

  4. anonymous
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    Apr 2nd report

    i think this song is about a person realising that the person he/she is dating is really not the one....Then the guy is no longer giving much attention to his lady

  5. anonymous
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    Mar 21st report

    When I first listened to it I immediately thought of Veterans. Like every one who grew up in that Era, all their friends/brothers/sons/fathers went to war and came back someone else. And now just slowly making progress. Could be a brother bond as well. But anyway..seems like it really could be any trauma that pulled people apart

  6. anonymous
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    Feb 24th report

    It might be about a walk in(A walk-in is a New Age concept of a person whose original soul has departed their body and has been replaced with a new, different, soul)

    That’s why she/he says
    “ That only blindly I could read you”
    They see it about them but not with their physical eyes.

  7. anonymous
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    Jan 11th report

    i think its someone talking their suicidal friend. the friend is very nice and puts everyone’s needs before their own, they said this to the someone during the someone’s hard times and now the someone is saying it to them, “it’s like you told me go forward slowly”.

    “you look like yourself but you’re somebody else” the someone notices that their friend is getting suicidal and mentally ill.

    “i saw the part of you that only when your older you will see too” the someone tells their friend that they can see them growing up and having a great life, only when the friend is older and have got through depression they will think back and see them slowly getting out of depression.

    “couldn't believe that you were gone” is the someone talking about when the friend left them, (isolating yourself from friends and family is a symptom of depression and being suicidal)

  8. anonymous
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    Dec 10th report

    To me it means many things, 1) multiple personality disorders, you look like the same person, but you are not, different personalities take on and come out with you still looking the same, actions may be different.
    2) drugs, back in 2006 my husband struggled with coke and meth addiction, he looked the same but he became violent, he became someone I didn’t recognize.
    3) depression, I have struggled with depression all my life, I’ve attempted suicide at least 5 times, I felt like I was drowning, no one knew what I was feeling or thinking, they just sensed something was off. I felt like I was trapped inside myself, screaming as loud as I could for someone to please help me but I couldn’t force a word to come out of my mouth. I looked like myself, but I felt like I was dying, I put on a fake smile, fake laugh, pretending everything was alright. It took my sister to point out something was off and I brushed it off, that afternoon i almost killed myself, because finally someone noticed but I was afraid to speak up. After I got out of the hospital my husband texted me and asked me to listen to this song and I cried, I won’t lie, I cried because I felt at that point and time that song was talking about me

  9. anonymous
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    Oct 19th 2020 report

    As someone who is currently watching their soulmate, best friend, number 1 supporter (all one person) going through depression, I truly believe in this song, a friend is witnessing a friend go through a hard time in life. My boyfriend talks like himself, but I know he isn’t fully there anymore. He used to burn bright with flame, now he’s colder than ice. He looks like himself, but he’s just somebody else. I don’t know how to help him, I know everyday he’s getting more tired of being alive.

  10. anonymous
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    Oct 4th 2020 report

    In my understanding, its about a person changing and realizing the person has changed and the new version and the old version of the person are talking to each other (Which is called self-realizations)

  11. anonymous
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    Sep 20th 2020 report

    I really believe that music can mean different things to different people. I relate to this song a lot with my experiences with anorexia; not only have I dealt with the disease, but I’ve had a couple friends who’ve also struggled with EDs.

    "I saw the part of you that only when you’re older you will see too..."

    You see what this person is doing to themselves; starvation, purging, over exercising, so on so forth. They don’t see how detrimental it is, but you see all the changes second-hand and without sickness. What I mean by that: when you have an ED, you feel connected to the feeling of hunger. You hear these voices and they’re telling you to starve, exercise, and so much more... you don’t understand that you’re driving your body towards death, but those who are on the outside looking in, well they see just how sick you really are. That’s something that the person suffering won’t see until they’re recovered.

    "You look like yourself, but you’re somebody else, only it ain’t on the surface..."

    This person is acting like they’re eating and they’re acting like they’re fine, but on the inside, they’re dying. In reality, they’re starving.

    "You sound like yourself, no, I hear someone else, now you’re making me nervous..."

    They say they’re eating; they make excuses — I don’t feel well... or I already ate. But you know they’re lying to you and you know they can’t help but lie to you. It’s so hard for them to admit that they aren’t healthy, but you know how unhealthy they are and it terrifies you.

  12. anonymous
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    Sep 14th 2020 report

    I've interpreted this song using my own personal experience. To me the song is about watching someone you are in love with completely change before your very eyes. You watch as their mannerisms change, the way they walk, the way they talk, they are an entirely different person when they are with you, but with others they're almost a stranger. You know and recognize the person on the outside. You love them. But you get a sense that something is wrong. You chose to ignore things, you lie to yourself, "there's nothing going on", but deep down you know the truth.

  13. anonymous
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    Aug 30th 2020 report

    It's about a mother talking to her teenage child about how she still looks the same but in the inside she is changing.
    -"I saw the part of you that only when you're older you will see too" (when you're older like me, you'll understand a lot of things you don´t now because you're young)
    -You were the better part of every bit of beating heart that I had (I had you in my womb, I had your heart beats in me, when you were a baby, you mean the world to me)
    -I sat alone, I couln't believe you were gone (you are not a baby anymore, you don't want to be with me, I feel I've lost you)
    -Well you look like yourself but I see someone else only it aint on the surface (You still my child, but in the inside I can see you're diferent, I don't know you any more, you keep things from me)
    -You talk like yourself, no I hear someone else, now you're making me nervous (Mothers can tell with their mom powers that you hide something even when you talk, they will notice, She´s nervous her kid will get into trouble now that is not a kid anymore)

  14. anonymous
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    Aug 26th 2020 report

    i relate this song to when my grandma was sick and passing. because she looked like herself but i could see through it, i could tell she wasn’t okay.

  15. anonymous
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    Aug 24th 2020 report

    I think it’s about someone turning into something they are not and realizing when they look into the past “I saw something when you’re older you will see too” kind of explains that when your older your realize how much you change

  16. anonymous
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    Aug 16th 2020 report

    I think this song is about a friend watching his/ her best friend go through depression, i also think the person struggling lost to it and took his/her own life
    “Well you look like yourself but you're somebody else. It ain’t on the surface” they realize that their friend is struggling and have no idea how to help or they notice it too late and think back, realize he/she was depressed and they didn’t do anything (didn’t know)

  17. anonymous
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    Aug 11th 2020 report

    I think this song is about losing yourself to a toxic friend, or a mental illness, and changing, then looking back at your past self and realising how much you've changed. Its about looking back and missing the time when you were actually happy, and your true self. Where it says "I saw the part of you That only when you're older you will see too" means that When you get older you will look back and be able to see that you changed. Also, when it says "Well you look like yourself But you're somebody else Only it ain't on the surface" means that you still look the same, but you don't act the same because you have changed so much.

  18. anonymous
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    Jul 27th 2020 report

    it feels like this song expresses loss of a loved one, weather its a relationship external from family or within family, it relates to loss as on the outside people will always look the same ie. natural features and their body being theres. but "your somebody else only it ain't on the surface" can be a personal aspect of ones mental health being hidden beneath their skin, not only could it be personal but if it is a breakup/loss of friendship you can internally see they are hurting no matter how hard of a mask they put on.

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