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Hailee Steinfeld: Let Me Go Meaning


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Song Released: 2017

Featuring: Alesso, Florida Georgia Line, Watt

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Let Me Go Lyrics

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You made plans and I, I made problems
We were sleeping back to back
You know this thing wasn't built to last and
Good on paper, picture perfect
Chased the high too far too fast,
Picket white fence but we paint it black
And I...


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    Oct 14th, 2017 10:31pm report

    I think this song is about a dead relationship.It didn't work out. The girl doesn't love the guy anymore, but he still loves her. The girl is telling him that he shouldn't be holding on to her because someone will love him since she couldn't. She wants him to move on and get over her. She hurt him so much by not loving him and she feels guilty so she wishes he would hurt her more than she hurt him. This is my opinion so no hate please!


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    Jan 4th, 2018 1:52pm report

    This song is about a girl who truly loves this guy and she loves him a lot. The only problem is that she feels like she's not giving him all the love he deserves and therefore tells him to let her go and find someone who will love him. She loves him but she feels like she doesn't deserve him.


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    Jun 1st, 2018 6:33pm report

    I think that this lyrics song was
    All about unhappy relationship.
    The girl thinks that she is not worthy.The boy was really in loved with her but she can't love him back like the ways how he love her.
    So that's why the girl wants to have somebody else to replace her. Because she felt guilt.


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    Jun 6th, 2019 6:11am report

    This song has been growing on me especially lately...

    I was cheated on by my ex....
    He left me for someone who was talking about me....
    After I showed him what all they said.....
    He said “Maybe we should break up”
    But when I came back a few minutes and saw he left our PM’s and was now dating the other person.....
    I felt worthless and took it as he was agreeing with that person....
    But later this person got banned....
    He came back into the group chat where my and my new boyfriend was talking.....
    He got mad and said “We never officially broke up”
    He said he gave me a choice when he said “Maybe we should break up” and I felt really conflicted....
    He claimed that I should have PM him to say if we were officially over...
    He even started PM me saying that I left him when he needed me the most....
    Thanks to a few friends, I’ve come to realized that I wasn’t the one in the wrong...
    They told me they would have felt the same way in the situation.
    But now my bf who I’m still with...
    He’s upset because of all of what happened...
    Because of my past bf’s jealousy...
    He got hurt...
    And now I wish he would leave me for someone else because I feel that it’s best....
    And I believe my ex would even try to hurt him again as well as me if I’m still with him....


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    Jan 20th, 2019 1:18pm report

    Mm..I feel this song very much bcz its meaning clearly goes with the present situation in my relationship...we loved each other a lot..and we used to think that we are the best...bcz in lst year..we couldn't imagine how to stay apart like this till we marry...we dreamed a lot about our future...but then came the evil situation..both of us are still studying and we are sme age..when exam are coming more closer I was so depressed with the work and the love affair...bcz there was no time for me to give him...but he was quietly opposite of mine..he was hanging with me all the time..so I felt like we are not going well..bcz I knew it very well,whether we couldn't finishesup our exams properly there's no any future for us..(according to the culture, believes and situation in sri lanka)..may be I'm wrong..bt I need a better future..earlier he was going well with me..I wished that he'll do a good job same as me..but when time passes the thing he did only was love..he gave up all his future by hanging up only in love..so today, I struggles a lot to be apart from him..earlier I was selfless..I tried my best to run with him the race which I do now..but he didn't try to run with me even a once.. so I gave up in him..I know that I'm a selfish person...but anyone will never understand the situation I was going earlier..anyway..I know that he'll find someone better than me who can stay with him in his every situation whether it's good or bad...this song!!it's mine..it goes with me very well...

    Lv this a lot..


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    May 13th, 2018 5:10am report

    This song is about a girl who has done somthing tragic to a person she loved deeply. Later in the lyrics we realise that the girl might have done wrong to her lover. "Sombodys taking care of all the mess i made". It makes the viewers wounder what has she done that she feels so much guilt on. Some may think she might have cheated on him, in the song she also says "I wish you hurt me harder then i hurt you". What hurts more then being cheated on? On the other hand it seems as though her man has no knowledge of all the things she has done, she also says "I wish you wouldnt wait for me but you always do". He is blinded, he loved her way to much to even think she cheated. Somtimes when we love somone so much we cant see the bad even though everyone else might. Awseome song and well presented.


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    Mar 26th, 2018 3:00am report

    I think this song could be a about someone liking someone else but still loving their partner but in more of a friend way. They feel bad they can't give the person all their love because of someone else. They don't want to hurt them so they want the other person to 'let me go' so they don't feel as bad about hurting them. They know they love them lots but they can't give them the same amount of love back so they think they will be better without each other


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    Mar 4th, 2018 3:40pm report

    I think this is about a relationship where they both fell fast but the guy fell harder and the girl could never keep up. I think she saw how perfect the relationship could be so she ignored her feelings until it got too much, but the guy still holds on and thinks she’ll love him the way he loves her. I think the girl realizes it’s futile to continue when she can never love him as deeply as he loves her and that makes her feel so guilty because he’s a good guy who deserves someone who can love him back, and she knows how hard this will hit so she hopes he finds someone who can clean up the mess and someone who he doesn’t have to change to love her.


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    Feb 1st, 2018 2:24pm report

    I think the song is about a girl who hurt someone who loved her and cared for her like no other and didn't realize the damage she caused. She feels guilty for all that she's done so she wishes that person hurt her more than she hurt them because she'd feel less ashamed. I also feel like she's unsure about her self and she didn't know what she wanted so she selfishly keeps that person on a leash and that's why the other person always waits for her in hopes she'll feel the same way.


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    Jan 22nd, 2018 1:02pm report

    This song is about a girl who feels like the guy she is with deserves someone better than her... The guy is holding onto the past but the girl can't deny what she feels and she thinks after all she has done the guy should leave her... She feels like she has hurt him and messed up things in this relationship and he is a good guy so someone else will love him in the ways she couldn't she feels she made problems like maybe she has cheated on him because in the video there is a second guy and she states she wishes he hurt her harder than she hurt him. I feel like he is fighting for this relationship while she is done she says "I wish you wouldn't wait for me but you always do" and maybe he has tried to change her because she says he deserves "someone you don't have to change ". Also metaphors like picket white fence we painted black insinuates that they were perfect but things have changed, white to black means their love was pure and now has become dark.... That's my interpretation of this song hope you guys like it


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    Jan 7th, 2018 1:58am report

    I think the lyrics indicate that she is been in a relationship with a person, and they do love each other, but she probably feels like it is not right. She probably wants to leave, but she is scared that she is going to hurt the other person terribly. So she just wants that the other should find someone better than her, to find someone who can love him more than she ever can, so that they can end it in a good note.


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    Dec 24th, 2017 12:56pm report

    Though the lyrics are appear to be full of heartbreak, Hailee Steinfeld is adamant that this tune is, in fact, a love song.

    "More than ever in the last couple months in my life, I've experienced what it's like to try and maintain a relationship while working," she explained to Teen Vogue. "You realise that when you love someone so much and you can't give them the time, and the energy that they deserve, it's heartbreaking."

    Hailee continued: "People have said Let Me Go feels like a break-up song but it really is a love song and it's about loving that person so much that all you want to do is see them happy and see them with somebody that makes them happy." at songfacts

    - Hope you have a Merry Christmas people


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    Dec 22nd, 2017 12:52pm report

    I think it’s about that a girl loves a guy but she can’t love him that much that she can give him and saying that he deserves someone better than her and can love him properly. And she is telling him that love the other girl instead and let me go.


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    Nov 18th, 2017 11:22am report

    It's about a couple that has been in a rough situation lately and the girl have thought of giving him up because he deserve someone better, but the boy on the other hand wants to hold on. The boy can let go of the bad past for her, but the girl hold on to what she think that is better for them. A fast decision indeed or so I think the easy way out to stop all of the problems because she doesn't want to hurt her anymore. It's soooo clear and so I can really say that the girl really love the boy. She loves the boy to the point that she wants somebody to love him in the ways she couldn't. Because she's hurting the boy so much and in her mind she thought that the boy deserves a love that is much better than the love she can give to him. A love for him that doesn't need to change anything or in other words a love that will not create problems.

    That's my interpretation. All I can say is that people tends to make quick decisions. For all I know relationship is build from the challenges they face together that makes their bond stronger, but once someone makes a quick decision of making a stop of the problem... There will be a gap between the couple.
    Please don't think of getting out of the relationship. Yes you'll think someone will love him/her better than you, but think of why did he chose you with the knowledge that he/she knows there will be always someone better? He/She chose you nevertheless and I believe that is what matters the most. Choosing to love you nevertheless.


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    Nov 17th, 2017 11:44pm report

    The song should be about a girl who truly does love the boy who also loves her very much. Yet, she knows she cannot give him the love he deserves. She probably had problems in the past and cannot move past it. She loves the boy but she knows it's selfish to keep him by her side but he deserves more. She wants him to find his own happiness and forget about her. She will continue with her life and wants him to be happy.


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    Nov 13th, 2017 11:19pm report

    I think the song is about a girl who is all about self-destruction and self-sabotage. She's in a loving relationship with a man but she doesn't think she deserves him. She thinks she hurts him too much and is constantly trying to fix herself for him. She doesn't see that he loves her and this is why she wants him to let her go. She wants him to move on because she thinks he deserves better than her. She thinks that he deserves happiness and she deserves to be alone or be with someone who will hurt her as equally as she hurts them. Self-destruction and self-sabotage suck.


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    Oct 27th, 2017 10:51pm report

    I think this song portraits two person who love each other immensely ... but somehow there came a gap between them and both of them thought the other half don't love them as they used to therefore she said him to go and love someone else who will love him more but she doesn't know that no one can love him more than her. ... he don't want anyone else .... he just want her


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    Oct 27th, 2017 10:57am report

    I think it’s about someone who truly loves her in ways she doesn’t understand because she just wants to move on, chase the feeling of butterflies that she misguidedly mistakes for love, and hook up with other guys. So, to appease her guilty conscience and because she thinks she can do better, she is telling him to let go and find someone who loves him in the same way. She’s incredibly superficial and doesn’t understand yet that having someone who loves you and doesn’t give up on you is rare in this world. And most people just look for instant gratification and take the easy route of giving up rather than working through problems and building something that actually shows you’re capable of love and willing to work hard to make it last. Love isn’t effortless, relationships actually take work and are built on mutual respect and value- butterflies don’t last for anyone. She says she wishes he would hurt her more so she can feel better about herself? So he was good to her. She is right then- someone would love him better than her. She’s a selfish, self-important child and he can take comfort in the fact that she will someday be on the receiving end of her own song.

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