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Harry Styles: Kiwi Meaning


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Kiwi Lyrics

She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes
Hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect
And all the boys, they were saying they were into it
Such a pretty face, on a pretty neck

She's driving me crazy, but I'm into it, but I'm into...


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    Jan 21st, 2018 1:42pm report

    Ive heard that Kiwi was a term to talk about a prostitute.
    "she worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes. hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect"
    having little money, getting drunk, but capable of having an education
    "and all the boys the were saying they were into it. such a pretty face, on a pretty neck"
    obviously guys are into prostitutes and girls who show themselves off
    "shes driving me crazy, but im into it"
    girls can play with guys emotions, sexually and emotionally. it seems easy that a girl can make a guy go mad, but he will of course still be into her
    "oh i think she said im having your baby, its none of your business"
    the guy is addicted to her, and he isn't aware of whats going on with her. Therefore, saying i'm having your baby, it should make the guy aware of the situation.
    "Holland Tunnel for a nose, its always backed up"
    talking about cocaine.
    "when she's alone she goes home to a cactus, in a black dress, shes such an actress"
    Harry’s playing on this to allude to another kind of prick, specifically a man who is rude and disrespectful. Interestingly, cacti hardly need watering or other forms of nurturing, which mirrors the lackluster relationship she’s currently in.
    "she sits beside me like a silhouette"
    shes there but she's not
    "and now shes all over me its like i paid for it, its like i paid for it. im gonna pay for this"
    He is likening the woman to a prostitute with the way she is having sex with him. That is, she is very good in bed.

    In the second line, it refers to Harry’s knowledge that there will be consequences for getting involved with the subject. bad habits and drama, like her claiming to be pregnant with his child, both of which could get into the media and hurt his image.


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    Jul 17th, 7:08am report

    I’m a Larry shipper so if you think this will offend you please don’t read any further, I also by no means, mean to disrespect or hate on anyone related to Larry, I simply want to share my theory. This is a reach and I’m sure this song is just a song Harry wrote because he was in a good mood. Anyways so my theory is that the song is about how Simon or Eleanor or Briana (or possibly a mixture) took Louis from Harry. I think we all remember the photos we got of Louis covered in cake, back in the one direction days. These photos are sad to look at because a lot of people think they are the last photos we got of Louis’ flamboyant self. Anyway so I thought maybe the lyrics “I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business” might be saying that Simon took Harrys baby (Louis) and now he has to move on because he’s none of his business. Or it’s about the whole Briana situation. The lyrics “she goes home to a cactus, in a black dress, she’s such an actress” might be saying that Eleanor or Briana go home to a cactus (Louis) because he’s not happy in his situation. The lyrics “she’s such an actress” might point to the whole beard theory as well. The lyric “she sits beside me like a silhouette” might be referring to how Eleanor can always be seen trying to catch up to Louis (sticking by his side) while he tries to walk ahead. The lyric video also might point to those iconic cake photos, with all the kids throwing cake. Basically saying Louis was just a kid, having fun, and simon took that away from him. I thought that because this is such a chaotic and loud song it’s like he’s just spouting about everything he’s mad about in a fit of rage.


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    Oct 26th, 10:38am report

    GUYS. GUYS. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS. What is up with your minds? He’s not singing about a prostitute that he’s fallen in love with! Just because ONE lyric sounds like it doesn’t mean it is. Like, guys. Just stop.

    It’s about a girl from Oceania. He’s gone crazy for her. And also, it apparently started out as a joke. And you wouldn’t write a song about a prostitute anyway, imagine what the public would think of you! Prostitution is ILLEGAL! Ok, let me carry on. Also, Harry has another song named Cherry, probably from the fruit. It could be the same with this song, not that it’s a girl from New Zealand or anything. The girl from Oceania also has a husband or bf (idk what, maybe even wife or gf) hence the line, ‘She goes home to a cactus’. The line about her nose being the Holland Tunnel is basically a metaphor describing how she does cocaine, her nose is always congested from cocaine, like how the Holland Tunnel is always congested.


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    Jun 2nd, 2020 6:49am report

    ( this analysis is only about the lines ‘when she’s alone she goes home to a cactus, in a black dress, she’s such an actress) it’s not about the whole song but i remember reading somewhere that this song was about girl and a guy who had hooked up, and this bit is about her going home and using a ‘cactus’ (sex toy) to pleasure herself as he couldn’t satisfy her. ‘actress’ represents the girl ‘faking it’ to satisfy the man.

    i also read somewhere that this song is supposedly about louis and briana, supposedly about a ‘one night stand’ which is what many people believe happened between her and louis , but i’m not too sure how much i believe this one x


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    Dec 24th, 2019 12:28pm report


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    Aug 19th, 2019 8:32pm report

    Kiwi is a term people refer to New Zealander's as.

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