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Hoobastank: The Reason Meaning

Song Released: 2003

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The Reason Lyrics

I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used...


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    Dec 28th 2013 report

    To me this song represents a guy wishing that he did things differently with the girl he loves, and because of that, he's apologizing with the hope that one day everything could go back to the way it was before.


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    Feb 13th 2008 report

    One of my friends sent me this song. When I met him, he had a problem with depression. I didn't know it, though I could feel it. Through that time he hurt me a lot and it took a while for me to forgive him. I saved him from committing suicide even though I didn't know it. We were just friends. "Everyday," he said, "you gave me a reason to live and a reason to change." That is my interpretation.


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    Sep 29th 2005 report

    This song is a melancholy mix of regret and rebirth.

    The lyrics demonstrate how people are often selfish during the course of a relationship only to have the relationship end as a result of their behavior. The lyrics stop short of revealing the extent of the hurtful behavior, but hint that the behavior merited an end of the relationship.

    The good that can come from the dissolution of a relationship have been the fodder of many artistic works. A painful ending of a cherished relationship (albeit cherished in retrospect) can often become the catalyst of change for a person. We see that our selfish behavior has driven one we love away, thus we are motivated to change.

    The question is whether or not we change for change sake, i.e., to do the right thing for ourselves; in other words to become better people because it serves a high order spiritual end. Or, do we change to gain the favor of the ones we have lost. In either case are we not still the selfish children we seeks to change? Sometimes people leave us. Sometimes they leave us for reasons that can be traced to our behavior. Sometimes they leave for their own selfish reasons. But for whatever reason, it is their choice to stay or go. If we are truly loving and unselfish, we can let them go with a loving heart and open arms.

  4. anonymous
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    Oct 23rd report

    Like a hit and run situation, running from hurt or pain only hurts yoyr own self more. Not the other person but you. Hoping that true love prevails at the end.

  5. anonymous
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    Dec 10th 2020 report

    I feel like this song reflects the feeling of overwhelming guilt brought when you can't forgive yourself even if the other person has. It goes along with Coldplay's "Fix You". "When you lose something you can't replace...Tears stream down your face/When you lose something you cannot replace/Tears stream down your face
    I promise you I will learn from my mistakes/Lights will guide you home/
    And ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you".

  6. anonymous
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    Dec 1st 2020 report

    Everyone interprets each song differently but the songwriter had a very specific reason for writing this song and it has nothing to do with a relationship. It is about drunk driving and accidentally killing a person. I believe this actually happened to the lead singer (he accidentally killed a person in a drunk driving crash), if I'm not mistaken. The song is about changing himself to be a better person so that person's death was not in vain. The song intentionally makes you think he's talking about a relationship but he's actually not. If you look up lists of 'Songs You Didn't Know Had a Dark Meaning' this song is usually on there. It's also on just about every list of 'Songs About Car Wrecks'. P

  7. anonymous
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    Feb 28th 2020 report

    When this song came out my daughter & I were in a much much better place relationship wise, but the vert first time i heard it in the car while I was driving. By the time it was over I had pulled to the right shoulder of the hwy because I was crying so mournfully because every line in this song was exactly how i felt more often than not at some point during most days. Not the kind of sadness attributed to depression that just won't go away. The kind of feeling that overwhelming guilt brings when you can't forgive yourself even if the other person has. My daughter, from the ages 9-17,watched my deterioration from being a momma to being someone she couldn't count on, couldn't be sure i'd be home or awake, couldn't be sure if there'd be a home. All due my decent in the world of crack at age 30. She has always been so very special & amazing to me. God gave me the most well behaved, happy, smart, easy going child there has ever been. I promise. Because I did not want children. I never babysat when I was young. Ask my doctor when I was 17 to fix me so no babies. Didnt care for anyones child really. But along she came & was the best thing I ever did to this day. I was a single mom by the time she was 6 months old & I loved it. Other than when I was working we did & went everywhere together. I actually like my child. Always have. Enjoy her company. Now she's not crazy about it anymore now that she's 36. But I've never felt any worse than when I think back to those years & all the hell I put her through. And she still loves me!!! When i quit crying that day on the side of the hwy I called her & told her about the song & said she was my reason. Funny thing is from the time she got here until ? I had always told her she was the reason I was born...just to give birth to her. She was the reason I was. Needless to say the song is very special to us both & I still cry when I hear it. But it definitely helped me, unknowingly, forgive myself somewhat. Thank you Hoobastank!!!!

  8. anonymous
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    Feb 11th 2020 report

    I have discovered the meaning and it’s Almost describes what I have just been through 100%. The only thinks is I am not sure how much I can reveal of my experience.

    This is a beautiful song, lots of beautiful descriptions from many people, I believe every artist would love this type of reaction and Responce from there song.

    More to follow, my story

  9. anonymous
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    Jan 12th 2020 report

    I think this song is about someone finally admitting to themselves they have a problem and are now committing to their recovery on a much deeper level motivated by love.

  10. anonymous
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    Aug 21st 2019 report

    I first heard this song whrn I found out i was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Im not a perfect person there's many things I wish I didn't do.. Im a recovering addict ... I fiundbavreason for me to change who i used to be a reason to start over new and the reason is you my daughter

  11. anonymous
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    Jul 6th 2019 report

    I have heard this song many times, but today I listened to it,with my eyes closed, so as to not be distracted by the lame visual plot of the video, and my heart open to try and see if it really described my situation. Does it ever!

    Last week my wife learned something very hurtful about my behavior related to sexual addiction. It was something that truly shook her and very nearly ended any and all hope for a future for us right then and there. While there are no guarantees, I do feel there is hope for us.

    The song captures all my feelings....for the line about "before I go..." describes the moment last week that I kissed my wife goodbye and went to my dad's home three hours away, to give her some space. The "reason for me to start over new" and change is her, but it's also for me. I can't be the best husband for her if I can't be the best person I can be for me.

    The hurt I have caused, not just to her, but to me and others overt the years from this addiction is "something I must live with every day", but through the help of Sex Addicts Anonymous, and hopefully my wife, I will "continue learning" about my addiction and the ways I can recover from it and "change who I used to be. A reason to start over new, and the reason is (me and) you! I love you!

  12. anonymous
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    Oct 3rd 2018 report

    The Reason song, it's too clear too. Wishing you guys get back together soon. You are blessed to have a girlfriend who is willing to give you a second chance. That's awesome, you are willing to compromise with her.

  13. anonymous
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    Oct 2nd 2018 report

    Recently, me and my girlfriend decided to take a break, because I wasn't holding up on my end of the 'give and take' in our relation. She was really stressed, and I made a promise to better myself for her, so we could try again. I heard this song on Spotify while I was talking to her, and it hit me like a freight train once I realized what I was hearing. She is 'The Reason' in my life. She's why I'm trying to be better. And here's to hoping I manage to fix myself, for her sake.

  14. anonymous
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    Sep 22nd 2018 report

    This song is about a awakening of the heart. It's a relationship rediscovered where one has unknowingly left a lasting pain in the person they once loved only to realize much later they truly love the person and want to be with them again forever.

  15. anonymous
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    Aug 8th 2018 report

    This song is personally dedicated to the front man’s band dad. Telling him he is sorry for the the things he did in the past.

  16. anonymous
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    Jul 30th 2017 report

    Its about Jesus

  17. anonymous
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    Sep 2nd 2016 report

    I think these song is about either women or man telling the other "they are not a perfect person". That this person wants to turn around things that could matter, but maybe is to live, move forward or die and come back as someone else. "And so I have to say before I go". " A reason to start over new" "Found a reason to show a side of me you didn't know". "Sorry that I hurt you, it's something I must live with every day" All the pain I put you threw, I wish I could take it all away" And take away all your tears" Thats why I need you hear"
    This is a person in pain, wants to take things back or have the other do the same,either starting life over, or trying to step away, not look back, to say goodbye. A person very depressed, thinking about what to do because of another's mistakes or there own.

  18. jenibug
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    Oct 23rd 2015 report

    The Reason.
    I've heard a ton of buzz about the meaning of the song having absolutely nothing to do with the video. In the video they pull off some sort of heist..the song however is actually about things like depression, adhd, bipolar, and other disorders damage they cause in relationships sadly aren't discovered until it's too late.

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