What does (Fuck A) Silver Lining mean?

Panic! At The Disco: (Fuck A) Silver Lining Meaning

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Song Released: 2018

(Fuck A) Silver Lining Lyrics

To the old, and to the new
We dedicate this song to you

Fuck a silver lining
Fuck a silver lining
'Cause only gold is hot enough, hot enough

Fuck a silver lining
Fuck a silver lining
'Cause only gold is hot enough, hot enough


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    May 23rd 2018 !⃝

    I believe this song is reffering to a pessimistic tendency. Where they only look to to bad side of things insead of a "Silver Lining". They had a crash and burn and lost alot, but ganined it back and quickly rose to fame, saying only riches (Gold silver) are good enough. Alot of the song is reflective as well. reffering to "tragedies through penniless fountains" And "Sunset shadows through the trophies", saying everything has to come to and end. The song is sarcastic in a sense too, mocking people who always see the silver lining and cherries on top.


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    Aug 11th 2018 !⃝

    Silver is often referred to as second. While gold is referred to as first. So silver can mean it’s not the best. I think the song is saying don’t settle with something that’s just okay. Make it the best it can be. Hence the expression, only gold is hot enough.

  3. anonymous
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    Dec 4th 2022 !⃝

    £uck a silver lining = dont care if this is called by some people a silver lining. The writer of the song disagree with it, & compare it with gold.

  4. anonymous
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    Mar 9th 2021 !⃝

    I think this is Brendan Uhrie’s ode to his incredible success and his relentless focus on getting ahead and being successful, and a giant FU to the music industry. He’s saying who cares about going silver? Every record he’s done has gone silver, gold or platinum, depending on which country you’re looking at (“platinum” just doesn’t go with the “silver lining” metaphor), and he never faltered or failed — he didn’t fly too close to the sun like Icarus (“no wings of wax or endless mountains,” no “tragedies with penniless fountains”). “Say it one more, one more, one more” is the awards and gold records that just keep coming. And everybody who predicted he’d burn out was wrong — “we’ve been falling, falling, it’s like we fell to the top.” Finally, to all the industry professionals (like Beyoncé), he asks: “When you gonna say my name?”, i.e., when are you finally gonna acknowledge me and my success? And screw you all, because I’m so successful I don’t even care about my albums going silver, because they all go gold or better, which is more than most of you can say.

  5. anonymous
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    Apr 4th 2019 !⃝

    I have listened to Panic for years, back when there were 4. I personally think it's a wtf. Panic has been in this industry for years and doesn't get half the recognition that is deserved. These award shows pucker up to the same artists yr after yr, sad.

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