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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your posting requirements for song meanings?

In order to improve our signal to noise ratio, all song meanings submitted must actually have something to do with the meaning of the song. Submissions such as "LOLz DIS BAND TOTALLY R00LEZ!!" or "JUSTIN BIEBER IS A LITTLE BITCH!" no matter how true, will not be accepted. We reserve the right to reject any submissions that are indecipherable or we otherwise deem to be unacceptable.

I just spotted a song meaning that doesn't meet your requirements

Please use the little "Report" link next to the meaning in question to bring it to our attention. All reports are manually reviewed and action is taken usually within 48 hours.

Why doesn't your site have X band or X song? You suck.

If you want to submit a song meaning for a song or band we don't have, please do. We accept songs from all artists that meet our notability guidelines (next question). Just click the big "Submit Song Meaning" link at the top of the page and type in the name of the artist and song you wish to interpret. After being manually reviewed, they will be added to the site.

What are your artist notability guidelines?

In order to be accepted, artists must be notable enough to have a page on Wikipedia. I'm sure the garage band you started with that weird neighbor of yours with the lazy eye is pretty cool, but not quite what we're looking for on this site.

Why do you have ads?

Believe it or not, running a website costs money. The ads we run help offset this cost. We hand select only unobtrusive and undestructive ads for our site. If you want to remove them, you're free to. Just install Firefox and then grab the Adblock Plus plugin.

How can I keep up to date with LyricInterpretations?

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Liking us on Facebook is preferable as we post more meaningful updates there, our Twitter stream is just a feed of interpretations as they're posted and can get kind of monotonous. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed or our email alerts.

What are your email alerts?

You can be alerted by email whenever song meanings that you're interested in are posted. We have a weekly update, a band update notification, and a song update notification. The weekly update is sent every Monday morning and includes a list of all songs updated in the previous seven days. To subscribe to this, just enter your email address in the orange "Get a Weekly Email Update" box on the right side of this page and click Sign Up. To subscribe to a band or a song, go to that page and click the "notify me of updates" link.

If I give you my email address, will you spam me?

No. We don't spam. We don't rent/lease/loan/give out our user database for anybody else to spam, either. Our notifications are easy to unsubscribe from, requiring just one single click.

Something on your site isn't working right

Mistakes happen. If you spot a bug of any kind PLEASE take a minute to report it to us. We would definitely appreciate it. There have been times when site problems lingered for months because nobody bothered to tell us.

I have an idea for how to improve your site

Great! Let's hear it.

* * *